Throwback Thursdays: Berlin's 'Sex... I'm A'
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2012

    • Posted by: Andrew Gruttadaro

    From this day forward on Thursdays, Baeble will be throwing some of our favorite old, deep-cut videos out there for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

    This "Sex... I'm A" video by Berlin ("Take My Breath Away" is their calling card) is everything I love about the 80s, and while you're watching it, make sure to keep reminding yourself: this is seriously supposed to be sexy. A very androgynous Rob Lowe-looking character is drawing animated naked women and repeatedly dressing a mannequin, because he's not a serial killer, while Berlin's Terri Nunn gussies herself up in her bedroom. I think? At some point, the two get together, and there is much seltzer-drinking, hairy leg-touching, and oyster-eating to be had. Besides the video's batshit storyline, it also has many touchstones of 80s filmmaking -- slow-motion reaction shots, gaudy dissolves, and hair, lots of hair.

    This is too good -- the song, the video, everything -- I can't look away.

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