Listen: The Decemberists
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2011

    • Posted by: Ed McGarrigle

    Following the release of a stellar album and a critically acclaimed children's novel, Colin Meloy and company (of The Decemberists) are set to give fans more reason to love them. The band has announced the release of a new EP titled Long Live The King that will feature B-sides from the sessions that inspired this year's The King Is Dead. With the announcement of the EP, out 11/1, the band has released the first track, "E. Watson."

    The track follows the album's stripped down formula by featuring Meloy's signature, nasally delivery over an acoustic guitar, with lush harmonies added by Annalisa Tornfelt and Laura Veirs. The lyrics explore the Americana surrounding the life of its eponymous character: the death of a cruel plantation owner whose father fought in the Civil War. "And we took his body northbound / And buried him all face down with a good view into hell," should give the listener a sense of the kind of person Edgar Watson was. Click the link below and give "E. Watson" a listen.

    "E. Watson"

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