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    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2010

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    The Green Room Music Source Showcase in Brooklyn showcased a variety of folk and indie music in the raddest venue ever. If you're into the "just chilling in my wood paneled hunting lodge with a High Life" vibe and/or crazy chandeliers made out of strings, you should pop by for a visit. It helps that the music that happens in the Cameo Gallery is as quirky and wonderful as the space.

    The Green Room Music Showcase featured performances by Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, Golden Bloom, Neutral Uke Hotel, Pearl and the Beard, Robbers on High Street, and The Bloodsugars. Snake Rattle Rattle Snake put on a high energy performance with a full complement of indie rock must haves; throaty vocals by Hayley Helmerick, reverb and pulsing drums. The next act, Golden Bloom, actually a solo project by Shawn Fogel, performed live with an impressive roster of musicians. The politically aware lyrics are offset by power pop and americana infused music lines, a perfectly addicting package. The pace wound down to folky wonderment with Fogel's side project, Neutral Uke Hotel, ukulele cover songs of indie icons, Neutral Milk Hotel.

    Pearl and the Beard, the kooky, magnificent, and totally hilarious folk trio of Emily Hope Price, Jocelyn Mackenzie and Jeremy Styles performed songs off their latest EP, Black Vessel as well as a slew of upbeat favorites. Their three part harmonies and Price's heartbreakingly epic cello prowess made for a very happy crowd, full of regulars and already addicted P and the B newbies. They didn't play their Will Smith Medley, which is truly a thing to see, but made up for it with a colorful tapestry of vocals, wistful strings, and a whole lot of foot stomping.

    Robbers on High Street had everyone's hearts aflutter with their dreamy hairdos and lots of new sounds. They released their single "Electric Eye", this summer, and a greatly anticipated album is on the way. Their chipper pop channeled British bands with abandon, and infectious guitar and piano lent a call and response quality to their buoyant songs.

    The closing band of the night, The Blood Sugars, left the crowd on a high with their danceable eighties-esque pop. They played hits from their album, I Can't Go On, I'll Go On, and with synthesized hand clapping, silk throated vocals, and raucous percussion, the crowd wanted nothing more from The Blood Sugars' midnight set.

    If you missed out on Green Room's Showcase, not to worry, Pearl and the Beard is going on tour and they need some groupies. Professional kazoo-ist and kickass vocalist Jocelyn Mackenzie has some news for you: "There are trays of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and a mattress stuffed with hundred dollar bills. We treat our groupies right!"-lucy florence

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