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    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2010

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Growing up is hard to do. Chiddy Bang addresses this on their MGMT sampling banger "Opposite Of Adults". The duo have presumably set out to contradict this sentiment on their debut The Swelly Life (due in 2011) by growing out of small-town heroes into a nationally known name. The Preview, their interim EP, presents their mixtape hits and more of the same Bang we met on the playground; Sufjan, Passion Pit and Doctor Dog provide support. The pair mostly play with the same set of rules that they've lived by in their infancy as an act, but that's not all. The Preview provides the first hints of a Chiddy/Xaphoon combo that does not include 100% samples as a backbone, and that is the part that is most indicative of their potential.

    Chiddy Bang came up because of their alternative tastes for beat-bending, most notably the aforementioned MGMT track "Kids" which made up their most famous song to date (which appears here), and an infamous cut sampling Radiohead's "Reckoner" ("Because", a must have, which does not appear here, presumably for legal reasons). The golden ears have been kind of a double edged sword, with the duo gathering praise for their taste, and jeers for their one-sided gimmick of taking popular songs like "All Things Go" and warping them for word-play. It's a fine trick, and it really pops at times. But the titans of rap don't sit on thrones made of other people's sounds.

    The Preview doesn't tell us everything just yet, nor does it hint at too much of an earth-shattering shift in their mentality. But it does lead off with "The Good Life", a single co-written and co-produced by Pharrell (always a good man to have in your corner). It's the best indication of how swell The Swelly Life could be, a harmonious combination of their sampling savvy and some original recipe. Chiddy's words don't sting as much as some of his elders, but "Swell" (the Chiddy Bang coined replacement for "Swag") seems like a softer kind of confidence to begin with. Chiddy mostly raps about potential instead of obstacles, and success instead of mistakes. Let's hope their optimism is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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