album review: chiddy bang
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2010

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    Growing up is hard to do. Chiddy Bang addresses this on their MGMT sampling banger "Opposite Of Adults". The duo have presumably set out to contradict this sentiment on their debut The Swelly Life (due in 2011) by growing out of small-town heroes into a nationally known name. The Preview, their interim EP, presents more of the same Bang we met on the playground; Sufjan, Passion Pit and Doctor Dog provide some unsolicited support, and the pair play with the same set of rules that they've lived by in their infancy as an act. But that's not all. It's the first hints of a Chiddy/Xaphoon combo that does not include 100% samples as a backbone, and that is the part that is most indicative of their potential.

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    MP3: "The Good Life"
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