NEW BABE ALERT: The Oh So Dreamy Ira Wolf Tuton of Yeasayer
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Every once in awhile, a super hot babe comes along, whether they are new on the scene or they've been right in front of our eyes all along and we were just too damn blind to see it. Ira Wolf Tuton, the bassist for Yeasayer, is the latter. Ira, if you're reading this, we are so sorry for being late to the game here, but now that we have noticed your dashing charm and impressive ability to pull off a damn fine mustache, we can't stop thinking about ya. In a not-too-creepy way. Hopefully saying that makes it less creepy.

    Anyway, this is Yeasayer:


    Honestly, all of the members of this band are attractive AF, but the one that has us drooling is Ira, the dude on the far right.

    Now, Ira has definitely had his weird phases. This potentially might be why we haven't always seen his attractiveness in clear sight. Like this for example:


    I mean, we can see that, underneath all of that hair, he is an attractive man. But the combination of the long curls and heavy cargo print jacket unfortunately makes us feel like he's on the hunt for something (I'm chuckling as I write this). Ira, are you looking for a bear? Did you lose your fishing bait? Can we help you? If I showed this photo to one of my friends and said, "check out this hot babe," they might be like "time for an intervention, Kirsten," but HEAR ME OUT! Once you see this babe play bass, you will understand. I first fell in love when I saw Yeasayer's live show. This video below is a great example of just how FREAKIN CUTE he is. I'm a sucker for wife beaters!!!

    He's got really shiny friends:

    Ira's new friends @hurricanefestival

    A photo posted by Yeasayer (@yeasayer) on

    He's got a good-looking back:

    A photo posted by Yeasayer (@yeasayer) on

    He hangs with weird farm animals:

    The office @outliermusic

    A photo posted by Yeasayer (@yeasayer) on

    He takes really good selfies that aren't sketchy or way too grainy:

    Back on tour!!!

    A photo posted by Yeasayer (@yeasayer) on

    And ooooooh my gosh, this picture just made my day. STUPID GORGEOUS. Someone even commented on it saying "I want Ira's babies." Well, @allypo sure knows wassup. But seriously, stay away from my new #BAE:

    Perth Beach Bros

    A photo posted by Yeasayer (@yeasayer) on

    Also, I'm pretty sure I can listen to him talk about recording all day. A man who knows what he's doing in the studio?! #SignMeUp. Please take me into your lair and I will happily watch you as you work forever!!! #STUD. (Would also like to add that nothing makes me happier than Ira's excessive tank top obsession).

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