Out And About: Live At Gramercy Theatre
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2014

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    If you were a college kid in the '90s or loved the alternative label of music back then, you no doubt were aware of the York, PA band, Live. They've sold millions of albums and are well known for their hits, "I Alone, "Operation Spirit, Selling the Drama, and "Lightning Crashes."

    Like many bands, things change. That is what happened to Live. The reasons for the changes are well documented somewhere on the internet, and their most passionate fans (known as Freaks 4 Live ) are all aware of what happened. Fast forward to 2014, years in-between albums, and Live is re-incarnated with a new singer, Chris Shinn, formerly of United Theory, with a new album, The Turn, dropping on October 28.

    Live debuted the new music and many of their old hits Wednesday night at NYCs Gramercy Theatre. I had no idea what to expect of original members Chad Taylor - guitar, Chad Gracey- drums, Patrick Dahlheimer - bass and Chris. I was hoping the change would be seamless and still love their music like I have had over the years. To be honest, it was like nothing had changed. Chris transition into Live went as perfectly as Arnel Pineda joining Journey. if you were blindfolded you wouldnt be able to tell who was the singer new guy or old guy. Chris nailed it, the band nailed it, and listening to them was like hearing them back in college.

    They opened up with a new song, "The Way Around is Through." A heavy tune that certainly puts Live in a new direction musically, but also captures their classic sound. The audience got going right after that when the hit "All Over You" and "Selling the Drama" were followed. A string of hits: "Rattlesnake, Freaks, "Pain Lives on the Riverside," and Lakinis Juice followed thrilling the audience filled with 30-40 something mostly dressed like they left their offices early to get to the show. At that moment you knew Live was back, and in my opinion never left.

    They will be playing various shows before heading over to Europe. Let's hope a more detailed tour will follow in support of The Turn. I am sure the album title has something with a turn in direction, life or music, but one thing is for sure, this new version of Live will certainly not be Selling the Drama just great new music..

    Photos: B51 Photography/Mark Brown

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