What Is Even Happening In Baths' New 'Out' Video
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Baths, aka Will Wiesenfeld, is "out" with his latest video (see what I did there?). Yes, it's for his song "Out," and honestly, that is pretty much the only fact I can give you regarding the video. As for what's actually happening in it, I have no idea. But let's try to break it down.

    First, the LA producer - who is dressed in a mighty fine sweatsuit - decides he wants to party. However he realized that in order to party, you need friends. So he summons some friends from underneath his bed - that's really convenient that they're just there all the time. Then, Wiesenfeld and all of his friends need to get dressed, so they start drawing pictures of their outfits? And then of course makeup comes next in this full glam process, which they execute through their lap tops. If doing your makeup was actually that easy, I'd actually be on time for things. Imagine that!

    That's basically the gist of the video. You just have to see it for yourself, and make sure you catch the full album Romaplasm when it drops on November 17th via Anticon.

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