A Short History Of Lil B's Many, Many Beefs
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2017

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    If you haven't heard by now, the most positive rapper in hip-hop, a.k.a. Lil B, a.k.a. The BasedGod was involved in a pretty serious altercation at Rolling Loud Festival in Miami yesterday, prompting him to cancel his set and leave the festival. A fight broke out after Lil B took shots on Twitter, saying he repped New York harder than anyone else—even though he is from the Bay Area—and compared other New York artists to Future and DeJ Loaf. Bronx-artist A Boogie wit da Hoodie and his crew apparently took exception to this, and in a widely-shared video, members of his crew can be seen jumping Lil B behind the stage. Though he wasn't seriously injured, Lil B claims his gear was stolen and he was forced to cancel his set, though in typical BasedGod fashion, he claimed "it's all love, though".

    This is far from the first time that Lil B has had beef with another artist. In fact, beefs tend to follow The BasedGod like his reputation. So, in honor of adding one more to the list, here's a collection of Lil B's most notorious beefs to date.

    1. Lil B versus Lil Nico.

    The battle from the Bay Area. This one's a weird one, and comes from early on in Lil B's career. During what appeared to be an interview between the two, aspiring rapper Lil Nico appears to ask TBG if he could hook him up with Soulja Boy's number, who Lil B used to roll with in the past. After Lil B brushes aside the question, Nico begins furiously punching Lil B, appearing to knock him out. While Nico somehow appears to walk out of the room untouched, The BasedGod later got his vengeance in the fact that he's The BasedGod and virtually no one has heard a track from Lil Nico.

    2. Lil B versus A$AP Rocky.

    A$AP Rocky took several shots at Lil B back in 2011 over Lil B's I'm Gay album in an interview with complex saying,

    "Don't get it twisted: I don't fuck with Lil B or that 'I'm Gay' shit. But as a kid, as a person, I probably would fuck with him. I'm not getting on the record about him anymore. I like the, ‘Woop! Woop!' but I can't."

    Once again, in typical fashion, Lil B brushed off the comments with some self-deprecating humor, calling himself "Lil Wayne without all the money" and chose to take the higher ground instead of continuing the beef.

    3. Lil B versus Kevin Durant.

    Lil B's notoriety and beefs have actually extended outside of the music scene on several occasions, including his beef with Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant—though Durant has tried his hand at hip-hop before.

    After Durant dissed Lil B on Twitter, TBG placed a curse on the baller, promising that Durant would never win an NBA championship. Lil B released a track to go along with it, and even offered to lift the curse if Durant would play him in one-on-one. Durant did not, and the Thunder lost the championship in 2012, and failed to appear in it again after that. It was only after Durant moved to Lil B's beloved Golden State Warrior that B lifted the curse, and tellingly enough, Durant won the Championship in his first year with them.

    4. Lil B versus The Game.

    After hearing a verse from Lil B on the Lil Wayne mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait, Compton-based rapper The Game called Lil B, "the wackest artist of all time". Lil B proceeded to call The Game irrelevant, to which The Game promised to knock TBG out. The two traded disses back-and-forth on tracks until the two decided to publicly settle their beef on Twitter.

    5. Lil B versus James Harden.

    Kevin Durant wasn't the only NBA player to incur the wrath of The BasedGod. In 2015, during the Western Conference finals, Lil B called out James Harden's "cooking dance", which Lil B claims was stolen from him. Similar to the Kevin Durant situation, TBG placed a curse on James Harden and the Houston Rockets, who would lose in the Western Conference Playoffs in back-to-back years. On June 4, 2017, Lil B announced that he had lifted the curse. We'll have to see if the results are the same this time.

    6. Lil B versus Joe Budden.

    Lil B took offense to Joe Budden not following him on Twitter after Budden released a series of tweets apparently mocking Lil B's message of based positivity. In response, TBG called Budden "a worthy opponent", and claimed that he destroyed him lyrically in his track, "T-Shirts and Buddens".

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