January Jane Display Soaring Alt Rock Intensity
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2015

    • Posted by: Frankie McSweeny-Glynn

    January Jane recently released their first track, "Take the Lions On," off their soon to be dropped debut album. "Take the Lions On" is fun and upbeat, catchy with a positive message: "I can't give in to all my regrets/now I'm taking the lions on." It's only fitting for such a fun song to have an equally fun video, which it does. The video itself is unique, featuring singer Pat Via without making him the central focus. Via wears a black bar over his face nearly the entire video, giving you a sense of anonymity. The song's lyrics pass over the black bar, as well as the rest of his face, so you don't focus much on the person under the bar. Via is also transparent, allowing you to see the animated visuals director Miguel Balbi has added through him. The visuals, Via's transparency, and the censorship of his face make for a dynamic video.

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