Baeble First Play: The Gunshy Stares Death In The Face
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2015

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    The Gunshy - the fierce, intense project of Chicago-based songwriter Matt Arbogast - packs more emotional punch in the tuning pegs of his guitar than most artists run through over the course of an entire discography. Seriously, get on Spotify and dive into his potent, 2007 release, There's No Love in This War (an album of stories based on letters his grandfather wrote to his grandmother from the front during WWII) or his hard-hitting, return to form on last year's Silent Songs. Then buy them.

    Today we've got the premiere on The Gunshy's new video for "At 35". The video is a stark, black and white tour of Arbogast's 8AM Studios and the surrounding neighborhoods. "At 35" brings with it a laid-back twang, as Arbogast ponders what life is all about these days. Death is the main character here. "She keeps me straight. She keeps me sober," sings Arbogast. An acknowledgement that youth is fading, punctuated by the song's final line: "My Granddad's heart failed him at 40. Here I am at 35". It's a somber reality, but one that serves as a welcome reminder to get to living while you can.

    You can start that living by picking up his brand new 7", At 35, which is available today via Arbogast's Sleep Recordings. Arbogast recorded it at his 8AM home studio with his current band, and he's giving away a compilation of other artists recorded at the space (Andrew Jackson Jihad, Cheap Girls, Ditches, and more) with each digital download.

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