Out And About: Caveman At Baby's All Right
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2014

    • Posted by: Rebecca Chodorkoff

    Caveman's lead singer Mathew Iwanusa is from Brooklyn. This is something you would know if you were at their show on Wednesday the 15th, because he announced it proudly and loudly after just about every song. The band itself has its roots in Brooklyn, and the show took place in none other than Brooklyn.

    We get it, Brooklyn. Sheesh.

    Forgive me if I'm being redundant, but that is precisely what the show was. Enjoyable, sure, but the songs, like the myriad carbon copy hottie hipsters scattered throughout the crowd, were only fractionally differentiated from one another. The performance itself was a celebration for the one year birthday of Baby's All Right, the Williamsburg venue where it took place. Caveman's set was punctuated by their well known hits (In The City, Ankles, Vampirer). When they chose to play new songs, the group instructed the crowd to Pretend like they knew them, yet I found I didn't have to fake it, for they already hit so closely to those which came before. Kind of like how your birthday, even though it is supposed to be special and significant, really just feels like every other day.

    What is paradoxical, though, about the monotonous nature of the performance, is that the band members themselves each seemed so singular, so original, so unique and individual from one another. They are surprisingly hodgepodge group of dudes of varied ages, and drastically different expressions of personal style. Furthermore, throughout the show, each appeared possessed, completely and distinctly, by their musical roles. They were all in their own little worlds, which were somehow personally created and maintained throughout the show. This was strangely beautiful and captivating to watch, but led me to wonder why a group comprised of such discrete parts would create a collection of tunes so sonically similar.

    Perhaps that, though, is the essence of who they are as a band. That they can collaborate in such a fantastic way that their sound will always be made up of equal parts presented in a constant ratio to one another. Maybe they are doomed to create ambient tunes which please their fans, but do not necessarily shock or excite.

    Greatest show ever? No way. Happy I went, why not. Another birthday means you're still alive...right?

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