Iggy Azalea's Newest Single Is Her Worst
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2014

    • Posted by: Lily Trotta

    As a God-fearing American, I know that 2014 is the year that brought us Iggy Azalea. For that, I am both happy and sad. When I first heard "Fancy," I lost my shit a little bit. It was so catchy, so fun - I wanted to hate it, to be too cool for it, but I didn't have the will power. Plus she makes a bitchin' Cher Horowitz. She just got me, ya know? Anyway, then "Black Widow" came along and it was the normal, forgettable kind of pop song I expected it to be. It was fine, I hadn't expected to become a passionate Iggy fan. Besides, we would always have "Fancy."

    The problem began with Iggy's featured verses on songs like "No Mediocre" and especially JLo's "Booty" remix. More archetypal rhymes about Iggy's butt made sense for the song, but the redundancy of her lyrics set off a bit of a red flag in my mind. All this stuff about her ass and everyone wanting a taste and girls being jealous of her, it was old news.

    Now, we have "Iggy Szn," the first song off of The New Classic re-release, Reclassified. It consists of maybe four lines about how Iggy lives for Iggy ("I just see a girl in the mirror, told her: 'you the reason"). The rest is mostly Iggy repeating "simmer down bitch, it's Iggy szn" and "bad bitches scream yas" with poor timing and a dispassionate voice. Spelling and pronunciation errors aside, I'm sort of bummed that this even exists. Plenty of artists have written songs about making music as a way to fulfill their dreams or passions or whatever, but there has to be more to it than "see I don't want nothin' but them stacks." Don't you have a story to tell, Igg?

    I'm not saying she should be acting like a groundbreaking legitimate artist - she's clearly a pop star, not a deep-thinking songwriter. But if you're going to make dumb basic songs about how great you are, at least make them catchy. "Iggy Szn" ain't catchy. That said, it's really not the subject matter that bothers me - a really good rapper would probably be able to write something halfway decent about a season devoted to them - it's the delivery. All Iggy does it repeat a few lines over an obnoxious beat and a clip of a lion roaring. Maybe she really is just a one-trick pony, and Iggy Season will come to an end soon.

    Hear the song for yourself, if you dare:

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