Luke TempleGood Mood Fool
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2013

    • Posted by: Stephanie Orentas

    Here We Go Magic seems more like a description for Luke Temple's latest album, Good Mood Fool, than anything else. Luke Temple teamed up with Eliot Krimsky of Glass Ghost and Mike Johnson of Dirty Projectors to create one of the smoothest releases of the year. Sure, Good Mood Fool sounds like it was recorded in a hut in upstate New York, but instead of snow falling, it's confetti.

    The opening track "Hard Working Hand" sets the mood for the rest of album, giving us the right amount of soul to vibe to the rhythm of the heavy beats. The array of distinction throughout the record makes it hard to compare Good Mood Fool to any contemporary artist, and that is what makes this album so great. Temple's vocals are highlighted in every track, especially in the transcending track "Florida" which sings to anxiety and uncertainty. The music video for the same track, directed and produced by Kris Moyes, is a call to action to stop the exploitation of minorities for the production on cocaine.

    The shift in tempo from track to track makes it impossible for you to listen slumped on the couch, with tracks like "Those Kids", which sarcastically points the finger at the MTV teen dream. Temple sings, "I met the program director of MTV. He said if the kids don't want your music than neither do we!" Direct and accompanied by the one of the best drum tracks on the album, this song is a definite highlight on the record.

    Taking a step back from his folk inspired albums, Temple mashes up groovy funk and sprinkled some Ziggy Stardust glam rock on Good Mood Fool. The title of the album encapsulates the overall feeling of not only Luke Temple, but the listener, too. This is an album for the embarrassed dancer in the corner, a call to the kids who still hold their Prince records close to their heart, and a relatable sing-a-long that pairs perfectly with an end-of-the-day drink.

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