That's a Wrap: The Launch Pad Day 2
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2012

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Photos: Maureen Pitz

    Looking at Saturday night's lineup, it's no surprise that The Launch Pad set Spike Hill attendance records. Seven bands performed, and no two were alike. Every single hour, fresh and captivating sounds bellowed throughout the Williamsburg venue. Many fans came for a particular band, but they left with broadened musical palates.

    While we sort through the massive collection of photos from the weekend, we thought we'd give you a taste of what Saturday night looked like. To see more, like us on Facebook, and check out Friday's recap.


    The first and only band to do an encore all weekend, Snowmine had an incredibly driving sound. Their chirpy guitars were complemented by disco beats.

    Rah Rah

    This wonderful group of Saskatchewanians treated us to songs off their latest full-length, The Poet's Dead. Playing up-beat folk tunes, its members shuffled through a variety bag of instruments. Sharing is clearly caring with Rah Rah, as every member had his/her shot at lead vocals. Did we mention they had a confetti cannon? Well, they had a confetti cannon.

    Choir of Young Believers

    To say Choir of Young Believers sounded "just great" would be slight to their sound tech -- they were flawless. The voice of Jannis Noya Makrigiannis echoed beautifully as the crowd stared in awe.


    Is that Debbie Harry? Nope, it's Z Berg and her indie super group, JJAMZ. Their infectiously catchy songs and Miss Z's twists and turns kick-started the night's dance party.

    Born Ruffians

    It seemed as though this Canadian indie rock four-piece had the strongest fan base, as our camera crew had their toughest time navigating the pit. Hits like "Sole Brother" jolted the crowd into an affable state of chaos.


    From Seattle in plaid they came, wooing ladies in all directions. They mentioned that this was their first time playing in NYC in a very long time, and their ravenous fan-base of teenie-boppers begging for entry proved this so.

    American Royalty

    They were a little late due to the lead singer's fender bender, but those who stuck around the extra half an hour were not disappointed. The trio's appearance as LA surf rats was incredibly misleading as they delivered a truly unique sound that could only be described as electro-blues.

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