5 Bands Better than Muse
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2012

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    The Q Awards recently recognized Muse as the Best Act in the World, which only reminded us that award ceremonies are publicized bullshit. Remember when Chicago beat out Gangs of New York at the 2002 Academy Awards? Chicago was trite and so is Muse. Did anyone even listen to their Olympics theme, aka Michael Bay: The Musical? "Screw percussion, let's use explosions." Here's to hoping that without anymore Twilight pics (fingers crossed), Muse will drop off the teenie-bopper radar. Until then, here's our list of five acts who deserve this award more than Muse.

    1. Foo Fighters

    The Foo Fighters possess one of the world's most eclectic and devoted fan-bases in both taste and age (just ask my girlfriend's mother who hasn't missed a local show in years). Sure, they announced their hiatus a few weeks ago following the Global Citizen Festival, but these guys have been making hit records and touring for the past 16 years.

    2. Radiohead

    Sure, Thom Yorke's eccentric mixtapes stir the cynical fans, but no one can deny the pure awesomeness of a live Radiohead performance. Their musical creativity can and will hypnotize hundreds of thousands of spectators at a time.

    3. Arcade Fire

    When you experience Arcade Fire live, you're injected into a colorful circus of glee. Their performances are wildly spirited and theatrical. Watching Regine Chassagne's twirls alone would make the most stoic audience member tap a toe.

    4. The Black Keys

    First of all, it's just two guys making all of that noise. Thanks to The Black Keys, younger generations are being exposed to rock and roll. Screw a Q Award, these guys deserve a Nobel Prize for that alone!

    5. Bruce Springsteen

    For nearly half of a century, this guy has been blowing minds. He's over 60-years-old and still dances around the world's largest stages like a sugar-doped toddler. Oh yeah, and he does this for over three hours at a time. I'm only 25, and I'm pretty sure that one day I'll be taking my grandkids to their first Bruce show.

    If you're a Muse fan, we're sorry, and we promise not to tell your friends. If you aren't, let us know who you think should be on this list.

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