Baeble First Play: The Genre Bending Punk Of Felix Hagan and the Family
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    You know what's great about punk. It's an attitude. It's not a clearly defined sound or means of production. The Clash were the greatest punk band of all time because they combined angry, political outrage with well-crafted and sonically ambitious music. The two best punk albums of this year -- Bully's Feels Like and Frank Turner's Positive Songs For Negative People -- don't sacrifice craft or originality of vision to appease to some amorphous idea of what "punk" is. Punk can be catchy. If you delegitimize pop punk, you need to ask yourself "why?" cause here's a fun fact: both Nirvana and the Ramones fit every possible definition of pop punk we can come up with. And on their triumphant new single, "Kiss the Misfits," UK rockers Felix Hagan & the Family find the best in an arena-ready punk jam with a message every empathetic, warm person can latch on to.

    We're ecstatic to be premiering the stop-motion video for "Kiss the Misfits," a track that has been bouncing around in our heads for the better part of a week now since it was first sent our way. Think Frank Turner's UK folk-punk sensibilities with a touch of the cabaret rock of Amanda Palmer, and you have an idea of what to expect with "Kiss the Misfits." But what sets this track apart from the crowd is a hook that even non-punk fans will have difficulty disentangling from their heads. So, sing it with me: "Kiss the misfits, dance with the punks. Hug the junkies, drop outs, and drunks" and realize that Felix Hagan might have the best voice in punk today (and possibly the best beard and man bun combo if this video is any indication).

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