Gwen Stefani's 'Baby Don't Lie' Video Is A Visual Knife
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    Gwen Stefani may be the busiest woman in music. I say this not because of her career revival, which promises a solo album and a No Doubt Album, but because the music video for her single (the first in six years) "Baby Don't Lie" practically embodies the word. No, what am I saying: "busy" falls far short of describing how utterly hectic this mess is. In a mere three minutes Ms. Stefani wanders through a pixelated nightmarescape that looks like nothing less than a level from an old, glitchy Playstation1 game, dances alongside a number of wireframe skeletons and monsters so saturated with color that you'll feel your eyes bleeding, disappears into a swirl of superimposed dancers and, finally, returns to the real-world for a jaunt down an alley. But my description's too linear, too clean, comes nowhere close to capturing the fragmented nonsense on the screen (rhyme absolutely not intentional).

    My senses tell me I should hate this -- it is the definition of hideous -- and my ears aren't thrilled about being subjected to Ms. Stefani's particular brand of throaty, pounding pseudo-reggae, but there's something fascinating about how utterly nonsensical this video is. If nothing else we should pat video directors Sophie Muller and Weirdcore on the back for this slice of nonsense.

    Return to the fertile polygon fields of your youth with the video below while you wait for Stefani's next album to drop.

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