That's a Wrap: The Launch Pad Day 1
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2012

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Photos: Maureen Pitz

    With a library of over 2,000 photos from The Launch Pad over the weekend, it will be another day until we can post entire albums. Until then, here is a snapshot of Friday night's performances at Spike Hill.

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    Admiral Fallow

    It's unfortunate that these Scottish folksters had to rush out of Brooklyn for a show in Jersey. They certainly would have won over a late Friday night slot.

    Letting Up Despite Great Faults

    Letting Up Despite Great Faults opened their set by letting us know about the unfavorable rating Pitchfork gave their latest album Untogether. We think bassist Kent Zambrana's dancing alone proved otherwise. I mean, look at that hair!


    Keep an eye out for this Philly kid in the future.

    Apollo Run

    Apollo Run provided the evening's most theatrical performance.

    Caged Animals

    Gold Fields

    Gold Fields performance nearly blew the doors off Spike Hill. Their intense tribal drumming had every soul in the building bouncing. We're really hoping we caught the lead singer dumping a beer on his manager's head mid-song on camera.

    Solid Gold

    Solid Gold closed the night out for a packed house right before Baeble's in-house DJ mastermind, Dirty DP cleared the floors.

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