t.g.i. mixtape 82 - don't judge a book by it's cover
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2010

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    This week, we urge you not to judge a book by its cover. We're exploring ten of the weirdest and/or offputting CMJ names we could find and what they actually sound like. No bias for established, new, awesome, or horrifying. It's like speed dating ten people with monster faces drawn on the paper bags on their head. Enjoy!

    Fair warning, this was a blind collection process. Some tracks are cool, some are awful, and some are so out there, you've got to wonder who green-lit them or thought they were a good idea. Russian roulette mixtape. Your turn.

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    1. "Hotel Room" - Kittens Ablaze - The Monstrous Vanguard

    I really don't like cats, so double points for being a pretty cool sounding band as well.

    2. "Shake The Graves" - Gay Blades - Horse Head EP

    This one is really fun.

    3. "Okay Lover" - Blip Blip Bleep - Alarm Clock, Snooze bar, Get Up

    Yeah, these guys sound like a Blip Blip Beep but that's not necessarily a bad thing based on this. They kind of sound like a futuristic disco Killers circa Hot Fuss, no?

    4. "Pocket Full of Thistles" - Turbo Fruits - Turbo Fruits

    Trick question! They are totally beloved (a BYOP side-project turned full time). If you haven't heard them or were turned off by their weird handle, get over it nerd.

    5. "Burnout" - Coolrunnings - Buffalo EP

    I figured it was hip (some might arguing annoyingly so) to name your band after a beloved 90s movie, and these guys sound pretty much like you'd expect, hippity hip hip hip. I dig it.

    6. "Suckcess" - Gay For Johnny Depp - Sex Vid Singles CLub

    The name. So misleading. The feeling may not be mutual here, kids.

    7. "Teaching to Suffer" - AIDS Wolf - March to the Sea

    You can judge these guys by their cover. Feel free to next this one.

    8. "Shots (Skeet Skeet's Ignorant Dance Music Mix)" - Skeet Skeet

    Hahahaha turns out Skeet Skeet is a DJ. Shocker! Shots shots shots (please stop).

    9. "I'm Alive" - Push Montana feat. CurT@!n$

    With all those symbols, he had to be a rapper.

    10. "Promises" - Smoosh - Withershins

    Smoosh gets my vote. Funniest name, most opposite of name sound.

    Have a fun CMJ everyone! Hope to see you New Yorkers at our party tomorrow, 2PM, with free pizza!

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