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    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2009

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    The dingy "mermaid cave" known as Lit Lounge is hope to a lot of nefarious activites, but this week it is home to several grab-bag showcases full of up-and-coming talent. California garage rockers The Happy Hollows played Lit Lounge last night, and they were quite excellent! I was a little drunk. But I sang along to everything!

    They played all my favorites off of Spells. Also as a bonus, it turns out I was standing next to the real live Vivek Kemp, of "Death To Vivek Kemp" fame(one of their songs). Hollows gave a shout-out to him minutes after he told me his relationship to the band was a "long story." Turns out lead singer Sarah has never even met him, she just liked his name. Mr. Kemp was a good sport.

    Apparently Japandroids was in the audience, and the drummer I'm told (well, I know) is a doppelganger for me (we are clones). Sarah told me she was confused when she saw both of us in the same room. This sounds like a situation with the potential for comedy! See you all at their show on Thursday! We're going to recreate The Sixth Day.

    Spells is out and I strongly suggest you pick it up RIGHT NOW. Go see Happy Hollows again tonight in Brooklyn at Coco 66, or tomorrow at Fontana's. They are one of the best-kept secrets of CMJ so far. -joe puglisi

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    Pictures: Happy Hollows @ Lit Lounge
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