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    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2009

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    Yesterday we dropped head-first into the mayhem as New York City was transformed into a stomping ground for bands and industry people to play, mix, mingle, and drink themselves to the floor. I did a combination of all these things.

    Day one was nuts, you guys! I started at the Red Bull Space in SoHo for the New Zealand showcase, which was being filmed by MTV New Zealand, and hosted by New Zealand Carson Daly. He looked like this:

    This year's CMJ Music Marathon quickly reminded me of what the festival is all about; meeting new people, discovering new bands, and having fun. Luckily, free vodka-Redbulls, PBR and Wine ensured all of these would happen (albeit sloppily). It took me forty-five minutes to brave the line and get inside, but I met a few cool Brooklyn-based people on line. We chatted up our plans for the week. Once I did get upstairs, I ran into a bunch of people I knew. There was my good friend and one of the nicest people I know, Rev. Moose, the editor-in-chief of CMJ. I also saw some other old CMJ people, an intern I used to work with, and one of the editors. It was bananas! I got some drinks and floated around the room, which wasn't totally elbow-to-elbow, which was very nice. Thanks to everyone who scooched out of my way as I took pictures with one hand and held my beer in the other. Multi-tasking!

    The first band I saw was Motorcade, a VERY New Zealand band (you know what I mean? They just were). Their lead singer kind of reminded me of Ricky Gervais, I don't know why? Later I ran into him on line for drinks and he was very Flight Of The Conchords (sorry!), but super nice and glad I liked his band. Good show, Ricky. Then I had some "Chinese food." Man. I thought these guys had a country close to Asia? This food was pretty terrible.

    Next I saw Bang Bang Eche, one of whom I had met earlier with Moose. Nice kids! And wow, they were insane. They are only like fifteen years old, and the drummer looks like he is about ten:

    I heard they are a wise-cracking bunch off stage, but I didn't get too much of a chance to talk to them post-show. Also, MAN that Chinese food! So horrible! Anyway, like ten beers later, I also experienced Kingston, who did a Ting Tings cover, and Die!Die!Die!, and they both rocked. I'm pretty sure I will be on TV in New Zealand. Whew. What a day!

    I had to rush off to get to another show, but The New Zealand showcase was THE spot to get the party started. And let me tell you, it almost ended there, because that Chinese food was terrible. -joe puglisi

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    Pictures: Motorcade @ Red Bull Space
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