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    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2008

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    You wont miss Joseph Israels message. The Arkansas born reggae artist need not hide behind symbolism and metaphor to get his urgent point across. Injustice, poverty, violence; the spiritually minded Israel confronts man's greatest challenges with a humanistic sermon too important to be obscured. Offering a simple, yet undeniably healthy dose of roots reggae, Israel stripped his craft down to bare bones, acoustic numbers for this performance.

    Power Douglas, on the other hand, is an LSD laced, freak out session, courtesy of one of New York's most daring musical outfits. Lead by a manic, beat poet - himself a barking beast of utter unpredictability - this performance goes completely unmatched by any in Baeble's catalogue. A barraging blitz of hardcore, jazz spazz, and afro-beat-esque elements, Power Douglas are a band on a conquest. Their mission? Make the world a better place by utterly tearing apart any perceived, musical conventions their listeners bring to the table. - david pitz

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    VIDEO: joseph israel:: live @ southpaw - brooklyn, ny
    VIDEO: power douglas:: live @ mhow - brooklyn, ny

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