A Playlist For A Rainy Day
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2016

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Well, the days of warm weather and Central Park picnics are behind us. It's time to prepare for those cold, rainy days where you're cooped up in your house, perusing Spotify for some tunes. Whether you're stuck inside and working on your laptop or bundled up on the couch with your dog, these ten songs are perfect for any of your rainy day needs.

    Kirsten's Picks

    "Lover, You Should Come Over" by Jeff Buckley
    This song is always a go-to rainy day track for me. It starts out with the lyrics, "Looking out the door / I see the rain fall upon the funeral mourners / Parading in a wake of sad relations / As their shoes fill up with water," as a harmonium plays in the distance, completely engulfing me in the rainy imagery.

    "Giant Steps" by John Coltrane
    I love listening to jazz, but my love for it is weirdly amplified while it's raining.

    Mandis Picks

    "Love On The Brain" by Rihanna
    I've used this song as my pick for our "In Our Ears" series and I'm absolutely not ashamed to use it again for this. This song makes me want to ditch an umbrella and dance barefoot in all the puddles.

    "By Your Side" by CocoRosie
    If you're really in the mood to watch the rain as you cuddle up in bed - this is the song for you. I discovered this song when I was snowed-in while living in London six years ago and it's been my go-to song each rainy day. Actually, this whole album (La Maison de Mon Reve) is perfect for gloomy days.

    "Love Is A Losing Game" by Amy Winehouse
    If there's ever a time to play the Amy Winehouse discography, it's during a rainy day. But "Love Is A Losing Game" is by far my favorite song to listen to when it's pouring. This song makes me want to be a little overdramatic and light incense all over my apartment as I watch the rain fall.

    Bens Picks

    "Stan" by Eminem
    This is an obvious choice, I mean, theres literally rain and thunder throughout the background of this tracks 6+ minutes. "Stan" is an Eminem classic and an incredible display of storytelling. It might will make you cry, and you probably won't want to go outside, but hey, it's rainy and miserable anyways.

    "Revenge (ft. The Flaming Lips)" by Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse
    Rainy day means sad music. Sad music means anything involving Sparklehorse. The late Mark Linkous catalogue is an amazing, virtually untapped goldmine of fuzzy, distorted, equally warm and somber sounds.

    "Sunday (ft. Frank Ocean)" by Earl Sweatshirt
    Sundays / rainy days, whats the difference? Both usually involve me not leaving my building for 24+ hours at a time. Earl and Frank's "Sunday" is chill and just a little bit depressing. And Frank's line, "If Ima need this sweater, I'd rather be where it's cold", speaks to me on a spiritual level.

    Amy's Picks

    "All We Do" by Oh Wonder
    Oh Wonder does an incredible job of setting up a soft and cozy atmosphere for any of their songs. Both Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West really amp up the feels in this one especially with their latest music video to go along with it.

    "Across the Universe" by Fiona Apple
    Taken from the original soundtrack from the 1998 Academy-Award winning movie, Pleasantville, Fiona Apples version of the Beatles 'Across the Universe provides a perfect mellow vibe to the song. Perfect for sidling up with a steaming cup of tea and a good book.

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