Run the Jewels And Big Grams Could Be A Super Super Group
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2015

    • Posted by: Vince Brigante

    So what do you call a supergroup that performs with another supergroup? No, but, for real, what do you even call that..? An orgasmic-group? Well, for the ears, this certainly is that. Big Grams (comprised of Big Boi formerly of Outkast, and Phantograms, the electro-groove duo) invited the hip hop powerhouse Run the Jewels to perform their collab "Born to Shine," at the Treasure Island music festival. And what you get when that happens, is an effervescent, unequivocal performance with lots of pizzazz.

    Alliances like this are musically captivating. It brings two worlds together for the common good of sounds. Big Grams' EP is amazing. But it's not enough. Seven songs? Double that; no, triple that. Then we'll be happy. And we've covered Run the Jewels before, so its obvious that we think they are pure-blooded lyricists immune to any sort of hip-hop-propaganda-flesh-eating-virus. Big Grams and Run the Jewels: go ahead and get some.

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