Yung Lean And Company Continue Building The Hype
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    Yung Lean has dished out yet another hot single in preparation of his upcoming album Stranger, this time in "Skimask".

    Instrumentally, "Skimask" is low-key and unobtrusive, but a banger with quality where it counts. Producer Yung Gud is unsurprisingly right in his element again, mixing and matching club-shuddering basslines and alternating booming kicks and stabbing snares in a track that is both glitchy and jungle-infused. A near constant synth arpeggio is metronomic, keeping rhythm and pace for the song and dictating Lean's verses in a hypnotizing fashion.

    In traditional fashion, the entire endeavor is undercut with the sadboy vibes Yung Lean and crew popularized. Under the gild of aggressive and bouncing beats is Lean's near-monotonous and hypnotic verse, contrasting the instrumental attitude with introspective lyricism that feels more like Lean's diary than a rap verse. Like much of the crew's portfolio, "Skimask" is simultaneously ambitious and inconspicuous. It's also a refreshing return to form after the lukewarm reception that most of his tracks on 2016's Warlord received.

    Stranger is out November 17 on Year0001 Records.

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