Pop Newcomer CYN Stuns With Debut NYC Performance
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Maddie Brown

    When you believe in yourself, the possibilities are limitless. And when you witness another human's unapologetic confidence, the results can be liberating.

    Emerging pop artist CYN epitomizes just that. She radiates a special aura that inspires you to embrace and love yourself. For this Midwest-bred, Los Angeles-based artist who's currently signed to Katy Perry's label, authenticity is at the core of artistry. And last night, at Public Arts in lower Manhattan, CYN empowered us with a sincere and sensational performance.

    This was her "first time playing in New York City," and wow, you could just feel the love and joy in the space. Her charismatic presence simply magnetized; there's something undeniably refreshing and infectious about her.

    She sang with a powerful arc in the most detailed moments. Performing her single, "Only With You," she would start a line with a weighted vocal intensity and cap it off with a light-hearted playfulness. Her dynamic musical phrasing was akin to climbing up a hill, and then freely flailing down it. She builds to a climax, and then resolves.

    Her genuine performance of a beautiful ballad impressed with some effortless vocal embellishments. Her vocal quality is difficult to describe but easy to recognize. And while vibrant pop dominates, her musical style is quite eclectic.

    In addition to her phenomenal performance, I have to give quick props to her chic clothing ensemble. Not to overfocus on the outfit, but can we just talk about that emerald green blazer and pants suit? CYN certainly brings it in the fashion department. But, more importantly than anything, she brings her huge heart to her music. And in this particular concert, that was crystal clear. Through her melodic conversation, she demonstrated the potency of individuality and authenticity.

    At the end of the set, an audience member yelled out, "Females are the future!" Without a doubt, CYN is one of those females. So, CYN, will you please, please (this is me begging) come back to New York City in the near future?

    No answer necessary. I'm very confident we'll be hearing and seeing a lot more from this artist to watch.

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