Watch Kishi Bashi Blend Soundscapes With Retro Video Games In 'Say Yeah' Video
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2016

    • Posted by: Ben Feit

    Kishi Bashi's "Say Yeah" from last month's release Sonderlust begins with a frenzy of old video game beeps, la Pacman or Space Invaders, which eventually blends into the background of a groovy beat. An odd choice, in my opinion. But the new music video for the track, released just today, makes sense of that choice and even takes it a step further. The song's dreamy soundscape, which places strong symphonic strings over the rhythmic groove, becomes a trippy geometric game universe complete with a hero and his quest.

    The video sees our hero, constructed mainly fro triangular prisms but not lacking a killer wavy hairstyle, separated from his equally triangular lady-friend. In a crazy homage to games ranging from Space Invaders to Cube Runner and countless more, the hero fights through his colorful geometric world charged up by a ball of energy from his counterpart. These escapades are complete with an energy-gun-hand synching up with a synth melody in the middle of the song, as well as defeating a giant shiny skull with a ~fire~ flute solo while riding a winged cube-creature. The combined nostalgic, futuristic, and romantic vibes create a crazy visual to accompany what was already a great and interesting song. Man, I'm really killing it with the description of this video right now.

    You really just have to watch the "Say Yeah" video to believe it. Do just that above.

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