Now Playing: Josiah's Secret Session In The Woods
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Josiah Leming had been driving for a few hours, slowly rolling down the New Jersey Turnpike in traffic, making his way to NYC for a solo show and a session. When we met up with the songwriter behind Josiah and the Bonnevilles in Prospect Park Brooklyn, it was clear this current run of dates hadn't been the easiest of endeavors. He was doing it all on his own, taking long drives between cities with nothing but the radio and the thoughts in his head to occupy the time. He also had a newly acquired boot on his foot...a mysterious injury he didn't really want to get into details on.

    So I think the location of this one was a welcome break from Josiah. We were surrounded by green, albeit a somewhat gritty version of an urban oasis. But it was quiet and peaceful...Josiah finger picking through three songs for only our small crew and a passing swan or two. On "Cold Blood", "Easy To Love", and "Lie With Me", his slightly gruff vocals and warm waves of guitar resonated off the old iron bridge of our secret woodland hideaway. In between songs he shares thoughts on heroes like Townes Van Zandt, his songwriting and production processes, and his relaxed surroundings. It's a real exhale of a session, so take a break and give Josiah of Josiah and The Bonnevilles a few minutes of your time.

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