The Arena Ready Piano Rock Of A Silent Film
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Here's a sonic pairing we never thought we'd hear. What if you combined the piano driven rock melodrama of Ben Folds Five with the wall of sound and intensity of U2? And do you know what you get when that unlikely combination arrives? You get A Silent Film. The UK rockers have been making a big splash across the pond and if their new single "Lightning Strike" is any indication, it won't be long til they strike lightning here in the States.

    We have the exclusive premiere for the interactive music video for "Lightning Strikes" and for a band that invests so much energy in connecting with their fans, giving listeners the chance to directly alter the audiovisual experience of their music video is a perfect fit. A Silent Film have an arena ready sound, and we're pretty sure they'll be filling out those arena seats before too long.

    And it's clear the band agrees as this quote from Robert Stevenson confirms: "Our live show is all about connecting with the audience in as many ways as possible. With this video we are inviting our fans to interact with the music by manipulating visual elements in real time using their imagination and making everyone's experience entirely unique."

    In case you want to see the spectacular non-interactive video, we include this for you too.

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