The Simpsons Get Remixed In Girl Talk And Freeway's 'Suicide' Remix Video
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    Has the cast of The Simpsons ever been as terrifying as they are in the video for Girl Talk and Freeway's "Suicide" Remis, which features
    A$AP Ferg
    ? I dare say not.

    To hear a psychotic, day-glo Bart Simpson rapping about his homicidal impulses and the terrors of the rap game in the voices of Freeway and A$AP Ferg is to understand why Sideshow Bob was so eager to kill the kid. He was terrified of what he would grow into. Not that Millhouse — who looks like an extra from Akira, here — or Lisa turned out much cuddlier. Life has clearly had its way with the children of Springfield.

    It's all for the best, though, because as absurd as it is, this music video is an absolute hoot, not just because of the delightfully deranged and psychedelic visuals, but because the remix is everything that was enjoyable about the original cut. Freeway's terrifying bark and the haunting back-beat, minus the extraneous second verse, with a fantastic cameo by A$AP Ferg that fits so naturally you'll swear it was part of the original.

    Check it out below. Though you may want to prepare yourself.

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