New Music Monday Discovery: Priory
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Last week Baeble was invited to Mercury Lounge in NYC to check out indie electro-rock duo Priory. With new bands, you either love them, loathe them, or fall somewhere in-between. Fortunately, it was the former and Baeble was treated to a fun, high energy show from Brandon Rush and Kyle Sears, whose connection with fans was dependent on how close they stood to the stage. Legit, they made everyone take a few steps closer about three songs in.

    Formed in 2009, the Oregon twosome released their first full-length album in 2011, before coming back with their new single, "Weekend," this past June. Produced themselves in a cement factory they turned into a recording studio, Rush and Sears used emotional hardships during the recording process to propel their song writing in a positive direction with meaningful messages.

    The band just dropped their Weekend EP, which, in four tracks, packs enough catchy hooks, sparkly electro-rock accents, and relatable, relationship driven lyrics to fill an entire album.

    Check out their official video for "Weekend" below and keep an eye out for more from Priory in the future.

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