Cool Buzz: Five Knives Exclusive
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Nashville outfit, Five Knives are super fucking cool. Going against the grain of their hometowns country music roots, the band has emerged as one of the hottest up and coming electro-rock bands in music. With the release of their EP The Rising , a forthcoming album in the works, and their current tour with Icona Pop, the only way for this band to go is up.

    Baeble recently got to throw a few questions at Five Knives to find out what they do right before they take the stage, the worst thing to eat before a show, the hashtag every fan should use, and the one song they wish they had written.

    Check out what Zach Hall and Nathan Barlowe had to say.

    1. What the first thing everyone should know about your band?
    That we are from Nashville, TN and we put on a hell of a live show. Also our drummer's dad is an Elvis impersonator.

    2. What's the first thing you think when you step into the recording studio.
    Having a clear mind is key. You have to try not to think about anything else and let things happen naturally.

    3. What's the last thing you think before you take the stage?
    Where's my phone?

    4. Which song in your catalog was the easiest to compose?
    Ratattat. It was the 2nd song we ever wrote and it's also a favorite.

    5. Are there any Five Knives songs you wish you had never written?
    We wrote 45 songs for our debut album. We recorded 15, and it was really tough narrowing that down. There may have been a few duds over the last few years, but those usually never leave our computers. We are hard on editing ourselves.

    6. What's your opinion on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram?
    They are the quickest and closest way to our fans so, we dig them.

    7. Favorite hashtag people use in reference to your band or music?
    #cantwait - we are ready to give the world this record.

    8. What artists are you listening to right now?
    Kevin Gates, Marilyn Manson, Bloody Beetroots, Banks

    9. What is a favorite song you wish you wrote?
    Happy Birthday. We'd be rich! ;)

    10. Worst thing to eat before you go on-stage?

    11. Weirdest fan request?
    Spit water in their mouth

    12. Does the band have any pre-show rituals?
    Group Hugs & Vodka

    13. How do you want Five Knives to be remembered in music history?
    All we want is for our music to last. To be able to write songs that are appreciated and that stand the test of time. Well, if people remember our dope live show that would be cool too!

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