video contest: a place to bury strangers
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2010

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    A Place to Bury Strangers have announced that they are holding a fan-made video competition for the song "Deadbeat" off of their Exploding Head album. The competition lasts through November 1st, and all you've film oriented types have a good shot at not only winning some sweet prizes, but also getting your name plastered on an officially distributed video.

    The song itself is a veritable wall of guitar noise backed with an insisting bass and drum groove and topped with some angry breakup-themed lyrics. I'm sure there's all sorts of cool directions you could go with this (we've got a few ideas of our own). You can stream "Deadbeat" on the band's Myspace page.

    Get into the game now — time is running out and its an opportunity to win fabulous prizes, like four concert tickets to an A Place to Bury Strangers show of your choice, an autographed 7" box set, and of course your name on the official video. A link to the contest page can be found here. -peter menniti

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