the guest apartment: someone still loves you boris yeltsin
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2010

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    Usually Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin are a powerful pop quartet delivering chewy, delicious indie pop tunes...almost like their offering those who find their music some long lost vision of blue album era Weezer with a Midwest, lo-fi twist. Check out the time we captured a summer performance from the band rocking a crusty bowling alley on the Jersey Shore for all the evidence you need. Need more? Their Chris Walla produced third album Let It Sway is the band's high water mark to date, leading our own Michelle Gislani to proclaim, "here's a confidence that is relaxed and captivating, and it makes the band sound comfortable as well as believable."

    It's a vibe they continued to channel when Phil and John from the band stopped by and perched themselves high above the West Village in our latest episode of the Guest Apartment. Stripped down to a duo, SSLYBY still retain echoes of their great indie pop tendencies - tasty guitar licks, head logging lyrics, and delectable melodies, all swirled together for a perfect pop concoction. Cut with stories about the making of Let it Sway, our latest artist profile is an enlightening one...even if their band name remains a bit of on the goofy side.

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    The Guest Apartment: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yelstin

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