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    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2009

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    Photography by Joe Puglisi. Check out more photos from this show and others HERE.

    Despite a sore throat, Van powered through a hefty Port O'Brien set at Mercury Lounge last week. They played mostly new songs off of Threadbare, and Cambria mostly sat down. There were pots for banging, alcohol consumption and even dirty Mad Libs!

    Van didn't let a little sore throat get in the way of his wailing, and "Sour Milk" and "My Will Is Good" both made appearances, as well as the vocal chord blasting classic "All I Could Do Was Sing," which led to the box at the foot of the stage, full of pots and pans for clanging. This came right after Van read the dirty mad lib the audience has spent time constructing throughout the night, a funny and endearing touch from POB. I'll give it to them even though they told the New York crowd we weren't "nearly as dirty as Boston," who apparently had more pornographic words at their disposal when prompted for a "raunchy adjective." Sorry Van, our baseball players shave their faces.

    Keep checking back for our awesome guest apartment session with Port O'Brien, due out sometime next week after our CMJ hangovers go away.-joe puglisi

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