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    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2009

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    Last month Wavves got into a messy spat with a member of The Black Lips here in Brooklyn. I'm guessing you read about it. Before the incident, before words and fists and boots and blood were exchanged in the wee hours of the Williamsburg morning, there was a mosh minded get together, fueled by kinetic fits of audience energy and Wavves' slackadaisical, SoCal power punk. This is that get together.

    Filmed at the Market Hotel, the broken, busted, and booze drenched domicile provided the perfect sort of setting for a dirty, Friday night of slap happy thrills in Bushwick Brooklyn. Here, crusty old sheets flank the makeshift stage, towers of amps threaten to topple all those below, unintentional peaking eye holes dot the walls, and I swear there lay death traps in the worn wood flooring. One heavy set move and a lightning fast plummet to the depths below seems like a distinct possibility.

    Yet somehow, someway, such an impoverished joint rings true and authentic for this kind of a show...the kind of place one needs to know about to know about...the kind of venue that demands a blending of the barrier (what barrier?) between performers and their youthful admirers. Thankfully we knew about it, and we're thrilled to bring you Wavves' entire set in all its screaming guitar and machine gun drum glory. - David Pitz

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    VIDEO: Wavves Live at the Market Hotel

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