The 17 Best Songs by Lights, From Great to Greatest
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 02, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Lights (Canadian singer-songwriter born Valerie Poxleitner) has been around for quite some time. I remember when her debut album The Listening dropped in 2009 - eight years ago - and it was pretty much the only thing I listened to. Songs like "Saviour" and "February Air" felt like instant classics and ever since then, she's been consistently evolving her electronic sound. Her latest album, Skin&Earth, dropped just last month and because of that, we thought we'd revisit the rest of her discography and choose the best songs from it (which was very hard). Let's face it, Lights is a highly-underrated musician. So let's talk about some of her biggest triumphs.

    17. "Lucky Ones"

    This song is actually a bonus track on the deluxe version of 2014's Little Machines. There's probably a reason for that: it's so good, it will make people want to buy the deluxe edition. Lights experiments with her lower register and it works remarkably well.

    16. "Timing Is Everything"

    Also off of Little Machines, "Timing Is Everything" is a slightly more fun and upbeat cut, which comes with an equally as fun video. It's a love song, but the way Lights goes back in time and explores how the relationship came to fruition purely because the two people were in the same place at the same time makes it interesting.

    15. "Banner"

    "Banner" was one of the first tastes we got off of Lights' 2011 album Siberia, which is where she experimented with a much heavier, fuzzier electronic sound.

    14. "Savage"

    "Savage" is probably the most unique song out of Lights' discography because, while she uses guitar in most of her songs, this is the first time it's so prominent - almost bordering on hard rock at times. Lights is so rarely angry, but with this track we get a glimpse of her dark side - and it's epic.

    13. "My Boots"

    The lyrics in this one might be a little silly but damn, it is so catchy.

    12. "February Air"

    This song is off of Lights' debut album The Listening - her voice is higher and the music is lighter and synthier - but her knack for writing a good chorus was always there.

    11. "Flux And Flow"

    In the past Lights has said this is one of her favorite songs to play. It's also one of her heaviest, with dubstep influences and a scorching hook.

    10. "Drive My Soul"

    Another cut from Lights' first album, "Drive My Soul" is a melodically beautiful song about hope and love.

    9. "Toes"

    "Toes" is just downright catchy. Six years later and we can still dance to this one.

    8. "We Were Here"

    Off of her new album Skin&Earth, Lights proves that she's only getting better with "We Were Here." It's a perfect pop song with an undeniably high energy.

    7. "Speeding"

    Another song where the singer explores her lower register. An arpeggiated synth plays as Lights sings, "speeding ‘cause it feels good." It's one of the sexiest picks from her discography.

    6. "Cactus In The Valley"

    Between this song and "Flux and Flow," Lights is so clearly capable of achieving both a heavy and soft energy. And we love both.

    5. "Skydiving"

    Also off of Skin&Earth, "Skydiving" is a pretty perfect and infectious pop song.

    4. "Second Go"

    Musically, "Second Go" has a bit of an 80s-influence with claps, gated reverb drums, and a whooole lot of synths.

    3. "Ice"

    Ah, more classic Lights - where her string of energetic, catchy choruses began.

    2. "Saviour"

    This song is also catchy and synth-heavy but has that emotionality that everyone can relate to.

    1. "Up We Go"

    When it comes down to it, "Up We Go" is Lights' catchiest, tightest song, clocking in at only 2 minutes and 51 seconds. It also encompasses a little bit of everything she's accomplished thus far as a songwriter. It's lyrically hopeful, melodically catchy, and still has some of that heaviness from her Siberia era. This would be the first song I'd show to anyone who's new to Lights.

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