Out And About: Augustines At Bowery Ballroom
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 02, 2014

    • Posted by: Jason Wien

    "Today is Monday, right?" a voice shouts over the roar of a beaten six string.


    This past Monday night, the once Brooklyn natives and now Seattle based indie rock outfit, Augustines (formerly We Are Augustines), stormed the stage at Bowery Ballroom, carrying with them every inch of fervid intensity they would eventually reveal to a crowd of loyal fans, restless Monday night concert goers and close friends.

    The three-piece collective, composed of Billy McCarthy (guitarist), Eric Sanderson (multi-instrumentalist) and Rob Allen (drummer) found comfort within the venue walls, often howling into the microphone exclaiming how great it is to finally be back in New York. And the crowd swooned and swayed to a handful of songs, some old, some new — tales of lost love, chapels, crickets and backroads, while McCarthy vanished behind an opaque spotlight only to return fiercer than before.

    And it was at that moment, between when the gaggle of girls in the front row started bobbing their heads and when some 30-something spilled his fucking drink on me that I began to ask myself why this band hasn't found more fame — why God didnt bless them as much he infinitely blessed the Kardashian's and cookie-cutter rebels like Justin Bieber.

    I came to no conclusion.

    That said, I'd like to pose a question and its most suitable answer:

    How does a band, in an age of dubstep remixes, part two's and clever marketing schemes, remain true to themselves, their music and their fans? They become a band called Augustines.

    Augustines are like that group you loved when you were in grade school. You liked them cause their songs were catchy, their look was cool enough and you believed that you discovered them before the radio did. That instilled some weird devotion for the band that you had seldom come to understand in your prepubescent adolescence. And yet, there it was.

    Then for no apparent reason at all, you allowed them to fall behind in your head. You stopped following up on their latest work and waiting for the singles to be released. Before you knew it, years passed and you noticed you haven't listened to the sweet sounds that made your younger self so captivated in longer than you can remember.

    Then, you finally get a chance to see them live. You arrive at their show and immediately realize they're rocking just as hard as they always did.

    Augustines have become the warm center of a circle comprised of like-artists struggling but succeeding in making music for music's sake. There're no bullshit theatrics or complex light shows. There is no armor made of egocentrism worn by its lead singer and there are no formulaic set lists.

    Whatever's chosen, manages to be chosen just because thats what the band wanted — and that's a beautiful thing.

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