'Don't You Wanna See Jessica Lange Sing A Lana Del Rey Song'
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 02, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    I would watch Jessica Lange read the phone book. I definitely want to see her sing a Lana Del Rey song.

    American Horror Story is about enter its fourth season, Freak Show, and creator Ryan Murphy alluded to a cover of Lana Del Rey by seasoned mother, Sister, Supreme: Ms. Jessica Lange. Murphy leaked the news on twitter, in response to a fan's horrified skepticism.

    Now that it's been said it seems so obvious: Jessica Lange, in all her terrifying sex and glory, is the only person who could ever really cover Lana Del Rey. Lange might out Lana Del Rey the icon's creator, Elizabeth Grant. She's a darkly shaded sex symbol with a cold ass stare.

    It hasn't been revealed which track Lange will cover, but public nominations include; "Fucked My Way To The Top," "Cruel World," and "Born To Die". Based on the context of Freak Show, my personal guess is "Million Dollar Man": "One for the money/ Two for the show ... How do you get that way/ I don't know/ You're screwed up and brilliant/ Look like a million dollar man/ So why is my heart broke." Just a theory, but I do have a gift for this kind of thing.

    American Horror Story: Freak Show premieres October 8th on FX.

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