Only Morrissey Could Get A Festival To Go Full Vegetarian
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 02, 2012

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    Morrissey is just one of those guys you either love, or love to hate. If nothing else, you should know that he helps ladies in bookstores. No, really, you should know that he is probably the biggest meat-hater in the world.

    In a recent interview, a painful memory was brought up: the smell of burning flesh from a Coachella barbeque a few years ago. When asked if Morrissey has encountered the problem since, he responded by saying that Coachella had actually offered a 100% vegetarian event if he would headline with Johnny Marr the next year. The festival, however, made it clear that there was no need for the bassist or drummer of the Smiths for them to perform as such. Morrissey thought that this "certainly said something". Poor Mike and Andy.

    Another interesting thing you might like to know about Morrissey is his favorite Australian animal. Is it one of those adorable bouncing kangaroo's with a baby in the pouch? Is it a warm and cuddly koala bear? As an animal lover, Morrissey surely must have a great answer for this: Eric Bana.

    Eric Bana is Morrissey's favorite Australian animal.

    There are no more words to be said here.

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