On Jack White, Madonna, and Relaxing
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 02, 2012

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    Jack White played only 40 minutes the other night at Radio City and nearly caused a riot, Madonna performed for only 40 minutes in a showcase in Paris and the crowd bombed the stage with bottles. In both cases there was an immediate Twitter backlash trashing the acts and proclaiming their ex-fandom.

    My suggestion to these fans complaining and tweeting -- GET A LIFE!

    Live music has succumbed to massive professionalism and timeliness. When was the last time you talked to a friend about a show and got, "Dude, we waited an hour and a half for the band to hit the stage, we had to smoke all our weed to pass the time!?" The truth is that live music today is tightly scheduled and heavily managed. Even the most drug-fueled festivals rotate bands off and on stage like the well-oiled money machines that they actually are.

    Why not take the opposite approach to these shows that for whatever reason just don't measure up? Jack White had a bad night -- there was a fly in his pre-show organic coconut water and his aide dipped her graceful perfect fingers in to get it out. Madonna hit the stage right on time that night because she was being beamed live across the web on YouTube -- she didn't feel like being the epically sexy cougar that night and continue to grind her well-used pelvis for a bunch of Parisians. These people are just that -- people. So your claim to fame is that you witnessed a crappy show in a continuum of largely good shows from these people. Feel lucky that you were special enough to participate in the lackluster.

    Even as you claim your ex-fandom the next time you go see your idol I am sure there will be an improvement on that special down moment you all shared. You want a marathon that never lets up -- go to a Bruce Spingsteen show. Otherwise, take the good with the bad.

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