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    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 02, 2009

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    Justin Vernon's Volcano Choir offer something hypnotic, introspective, and ultimately open to debate on their debut disc Unmap (Read the Review). Why just last week we declared the record "...demands patience as it retreats from structure and construction, metastasizing into abstract experiments of sound, dynamics, and texture." There is no clear cut story line, no themes to latch on to... Naturally, the group's new video for "Island, Is" follows suit.

    A single shot of choreographed light dancing across the face of a bridge pillar, this video is simple and vague, eventually wasting away with the coming of natural daylight. Probably not as good as actually grazing upon unknown banks by an unknown river watching the show, but it'll do. And may even give hints as to what the light show might look like if/when they hit the road? No word on that just yet. - David Pitz

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