MINT- ABIR's Hot New EP Out Now
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    ABIR wants you to know- she's not afraid to give you attitude. Well, at least in her music. That's why her new EP is called MINT. "I'm from Morocco, and when we're talking gossip, it's always tea time" she explains. "It's always Moroccan mint tea and a cookie."

    The EP definitely lives up to its title- the breakout single, Young and Rude, features ABIR admitting that "You know that I'm young and I'm pretty rude / Just a bad girl with an attitude." And its video treatment shows her robbing stores on a Bonnie and Clyde adventure. (Poor Clyde though- he's so not on board).

    The rest of the EP follows suit, as she spills the tea on love, failing relationships, and even high school reunions. "I pull everything from my experiences," she reveals. "All the songs I've written, ever, have always been about something that's happened in real life."

    Abir's honest songwriting and frankly incredible voice has attracted the attention of some great artists, and she's always been able to collaborate with people who inspire her. A testament to her unique, cross-genre sound, she's worked with people as diverse as the electro-jazz artist Masego, Macklemore, and production trio Cash-Cash. She waxes poetical about Masego's talent- "He's so good! I just loved what he was doing, the trap-soul-jazz thing, I just felt like everything was so unique," she gushes. "Same with Cash-Cash, they're so different in the EDM world… so I felt like we were just gonna hit it off.". As for Macklemore? "Macklemore's just a G."

    (A stripped down version of her collaboration with Cash-Cash, "Finest Hour," found a home on MINT, and lemme tell you- it's gorgeous.)

    Although she shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon- she goes on tour with Kiiara in just over a week, and she's already got her sights set on her full length album- we hope she takes a moment to appreciate what she's done with MINT. She told us that the EP is "just songs that really make me feel great." Well, they make the rest of us feel great, too.

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