THROWBACK THURSDAY: JR JR Plays the Baeble Rooftop
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2017

    • Posted by: Annie Brinich

    Indie band JR JR visited Baeble HQ a few years ago in 2013 (when they were still called Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.) and dazzled us with their immense talents and down-to-earth nature. They broke down a few acoustic songs on our rooftop before explaining where their unique sound comes from, with guitarist Joshua Epstein mentioning that though they are pop musicians, he feels JR JR is "weirder than [pop]" and bandmate Daniel Zott agreeing, explaining "It's hard not to be yourself."

    JR JR dropped a new single this month: the notably poppy "Control (Secretly Sorry)", a track that sounds a lot more polished and slightly LCD Soundsystem-ish than anything they've done before. The Detroit band is on tour right now, but "Control" is one of a number of singles they've dropped this year, meaning a new album announcement may be forthcoming. Also, in case their interview with us isn't enough proof that they're solid guys, consider the following Twitter exchange with one of their fans:

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