Two Door Cinema Club Go Back in Time with 'Gameshow'
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2016

    • Posted by: Nick Chow

    RATING: 4/5

    My first encounter with Two Door Cinema Club was in 2011 when I heard their hit song "What You Know," back when alt-pop was resonating with me a lot. I eventually stopped keeping tabs on the group simply because my taste in music shifted towards other things. Now, after almost four years, they're back on my playlist and have taken a whole new form. After a lengthy break from the music scene, TDCC's third album, Gameshow, examines the realities of an egocentric society that pressures people to live out their lives on social media, and expresses Alex Trimble's discomforts with living in a tech-obsessed world. At the same time, the group has moved away from their alternative pop roots and looked back on late 90's pop, rock, and funk by using artists like Prince, David Bowie, Madonna, and more as inspiration. The result is an album with a neo-nineties drive that'll keep you moving all day long.

    I'm going to be honest here. I am not the kind of person who takes well to people who say, "Social media is consuming us! No one knows how to talk face-to-face anymore" (Honestly, not many millennials will take those comments seriously). Call me a slave to the system, but I think I can enjoy a sunset as much as I enjoy a picture of one on Instagram. With that being said, I can't possibly get annoyed with TDCC for their message. It's framed so beautifully in their lyrics, and they do raise the important question of whether or not we're prepared to be so intertwined with technology at this level, let alone if it's even the right thing to do. At the end of the day, an opinion is an opinion, and I can respect that. It doesn't make me love this album any less.

    Their fusion of old and new in this album is absolutely irresistible to me. Every song on here has a memorable hook, and each one seems to be dedicated to a different kind of genre blend. The title track sits comfortably somewhere between grunge rock and modern pop, "Bad Decisions" and "Fever" have these funky bass lines and synth hits that make them disco songs for the 21st century, and "Invincible" is the love ballad that is necessary for any good classic rock album. The flavors in this album come together to form a pretty solid pop album and help give a fresh new look to Two Door Cinema Club.

    Also check out our live concert capture of the band at Rockwood Music Hall from a while back:

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