BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Need Somebody' by Parlour Tricks
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Today, NYC-based act Parlour Tricks is hitting us with an infectious track that sounds like a sonic fusion of HAIM and Lucius. A.K.A. the most perfect musical combination. It's a cut off of their new EP which is set to drop earlier this month.

    Front woman, Lily Cato is super outspoken, constantly speaking her mind on politics, feminism, and getting people out to vote. When we asked her to tell us about the song, she had a pretty emotional response, "'Need Somebody' is personal. After my father died four years ago, I found myself constantly thinking about bodies, fragility, bravery, fear. Broad strokes, I know. But there's nothing like witnessing death firsthand to make you want to understand what it means to live. I found myself starving for a real conversation about it, not just the condolences my family was faced with every day. I had never written about my father before. I hadn't avoided it on purpose, I just didn't want to sound trite. One day I wrote down the line "My father called me Cato / and the weight of the word seems to echo" without a melody or any idea of where it might lead, and the rest of the song tumbled out within days. When I brought it to the band, arranging took a long time; we wanted to get the mood right. It's not a sad song at all; there's just a lot of darkness/lightness juxtaposition. We tried to handle it with care. I know it sounds like a heavy load for a four-minute indie song to bear, but I guess that's what music is for. It's a chance to sing things we otherwise might never be able to say out loud."

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