Baeble First Play: The Hypnotic Rock Atmosphere of Violent Mae
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I'm going to drop a music editor truth bomb here. I write about a lot of pop music every day. And that's fine. I love pop. I'm a poptimist. But, Jesus, sometimes you just need some "grab you by the throat" rock & roll. You need some jangling guitars that are reverbed enough to momentarily travel you back in time to 1992. You need some husky female vocals that call to mind Shirley Manson at peak-Garbage. You need a cacophonous thunder of drums. And Connecticut alt-rockers Violent Mae deliver that and more on their hypnotic track, "In the Sun."

    We're pleased to be premiering "In the Sun." This is a rock track that's got it all. Post-punk atmosphere; grunge attitude; wailing guitars. And it's all centered around the mesmerizing voice of lead vocalist Becky Kessler. If you need something a little dissonant and full-bore rock to get your week started, Violent Mae have you taken care of.

    And here's a quote from the video's director, Ian Cinco, to illuminate the track and video's feel. "Feeling "warm in the sun" is such a beautiful sentiment. Weve all had, metaphorically speaking, warm moments in the sun we wish could last forever, but its almost more important to find strength after that moment is gone. Especially when it comes to lost love. You can only hold onto the temporary highs of life for so long."

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