MP3: The Cranberries
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Yes, it's not a typo/cover band/April Fool's Joke (it's October!). Legendary Irish rock band and relationship-mourning playlist participants The Cranberries have a new album coming out entitled Roses. Check out the first brooding single after the jump for the price of an email.

    "Show Me The Way" finds singer Dolores O'Riordan sounding just as crisp and angsty as the band in their heyday, which is (super emo, and) great! Really looking forward to this for some reason.

    Roses is out 2/14. Why does that date sound so familiar?*

    And now, "Zombie," just because.

    *Sarcasm. It's obviously the most angsty day of the year.

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