CMJ Band Of The Day: Radiation City
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2011

    • Posted by: Ed McGarrigle

    The core of Radiation City didn't start out as a band at all, as some may recall members Cameron Spies' and Lizzie Ellison humble beginnings as an indie cassette-tape label called Apes Tapes, operating out of Portland. After messing around with a couple of side projects and other bands, the duo finally settled in to Radiation City, and their debut album The Hands That Take You doesn't leave any doubts about this being something special.

    The album is a mix of acoustic stylings, electronic samples, with Spies And Ellison trading vocal duties and harmonies, and it's a perfect balance—Spies' deep voice compliments the soft, rolling delivery of Ellison. The songs are relaxing but thought provoking, taking the old combination of guitars, drums, and synths, and turning them into time machines, recalling the melodic soft rock of yesteryear. Be sure to hear the band kicking out their jams live at our upcoming CMJ Showcase, The Launch Pad, like, almost tomorrow. Wow, you guys.

    "Park" (Unofficial):

    "The Color Of Industry" (Unofficial):

    Baeblemusic Presents
    The Launch Pad
    Spike Hill, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
    Steps from the L Stop on Bedford Ave
    1PM - 2AM, Doors at Noon
    $4 Beers

    RSVP for the event over at Eventbrite or Facebook.

    Stay tuned for more of our CMJ showcase acts, and see all of the one's we've already profiled here.

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